The thing that first drew me to psychedelic gatherings was the people. In my 'early days', I remember wandering around in the woods striking up conversations with strangers who shared a common perspective of the world and spoke about solutions rather than problems. I remember a distinct moment when the concept of 'changing the world' no longer seemed like a romanticized idea, and it was apparent that it was already happening. I remember then thinking, "I bet the music that these weirdos like is really awesome"...and it was.

I jumped in with both feet and started contributing however I could. first by collecting music and developing skills as a dj so that I could express myself through performance, then by sharing my art at as many events as I could. When these forms of expression became insufficient for me, I got into throwing events in 2008.

The journey has been spectacular, adventurous and gratifying. It has also been the most challenging undertaking I could have ever imagined for myself. It is by no means easy to organize and execute a thunderous display of psychedelic culture in rural New England.

In the end, I do it because there is a 'we', and we believe in us. We believe we can change things to more closely align with the world we want to live in. We believe that proper technique lies in the simple things: creativity, self improvement, honesty and kindness. That to me is what this culture is about and that is what I have chosen to dedicate my time and efforts towards.

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