Avalien blasting hi-tech on that streets of NYC at the 13th Annual Dance Parade

Picking up the guitar at a young age opened his ears to the world of music. Inspired by genres like classic, progressive rock, and metal music, he played for a few bands through his teen years and early twenties. It was during his late teens that he discovered his love for psychedelic trance music. Living a short train ride away from Goa during this time, exposed him to the sheer power a psychedelic trance dance experience can have, and thats where it all began Thanks to the amazing Post Modern Music family who all grew up on these experiences together, we decided to carry it forward to wherever we are on this globe - Showcasing fine tunes from all aspects of nighttime, dark, and cyberdelic trance music to the darker side of forest, he will make you do the Tandava!  Await transportation aboard his psychedelically charged ship of inner mystery

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