LunoSol Productions is a design studio based in Worcester, MA. We create inspired environments, featuring the work of artists and visual technicians, as well as training aspiring artists to work in the events industry. Our in-house artists use cutting edge technology to create video-mapped, LED-activated environments of layered airbrushed lycra, hanging props, and painted backdrops, immersing their magic in a new interactive reality. 

LunoSol's head designer is Ivy Orth, an international decor artist based in the USA. Her work is made up of hand painted airbrushed environments, sculpted uniquely with respect for each location and event’s specific intention, and inspired by the manifestation of the inner Fairy Tale. Her work is representative of a whimsical world of the manifested dream of feminine heart. By expressing the weird and wonderful, allowing space for the twisted and the dark, while illuminating environments with light and iridescence, LunoSol creates the setting for all characters to journey into their own Psychedelic Fairy Tale.

 Ivy began creating environments for Psychedelic events in London in 2006, where the underground Psychedelic scene was growing exponentially. From there, she worked as Global Village Productions, working with other artists in collaborative efforts and managed to create the decor for international events including Glade Festival in the UK, Electric Picnic in Ireland, Transahara in Morocco, Echo Valley in China, and Ozora Festival in Hungary. Many more festivals and clubs received special attention around Europe, and in 2011, she moved to the USA, working in California, New York and the Midwest for crews including Pulse SF, Psy Tribe LA, Respect NYC, Chilluminati, and more. In Canada, Tech Safari’s Eclipse Festival, Orion NYE, Katalyst event’s Motion Notion, New Brunswick’s Future Forest, and many others have seen the decor grown and evolve

Ozora Preparty 2018 London
_Digital Organics_ set at Tribal Village
2017nov UPPER DECK
Dreamstate, LA 2019
2017nov boat peeps
Ozora, Hungary 2009
_Lotus_ canopy at HOMEGA 20 yr Anniversa
_Meccha Lotus_ Stage Collaboration at Pu
_Feather_ Stage design at Respect Gather
Tunnel Entry at Motion Notion Festival 2
Orion, Montreal YE 2016
Hommega 20 yr Anniversary, Guadalajara,
Atmosphere Decor Canopy Collaboration at
Orion NYE, Montreal 2016
Atmosphere Decor Canopy Collaboration at
_Raven_ Stage at Spirit Tribe Festival,
_Cirquadelic_ set at Orion NYE, Montreal
Motion Notion Festival, BC, 2013
Ozora Preparty London 2018
Revolve-108.jpg (7360×4912)
Revolve-132.jpg (6308×3548)
Ozora PreParty, London 2018
_Digital Organics_ set at Tribal Village

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