Breath Connection is a community experience of collective transformation through breath. It is facilitated by Mallory Combemale, a 500-hr certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master and grateful student of the Himalayan Vedantic-Tantric traditions. Mallory has been designing and facilitating transformative experiences since 2011 for communities ranging from college students to corporate executives to music festivals. She is on a mission to build communities that reach new depths of connection by breathing together and growing together.  


SATURDAY: Opening Circle by Breath Connection

Are you ready to begin your cosmic journey into the beyond? Come together to prepare our bodies, minds and souls for a collective adventure through the cosmos, for divine play unfolding on an epic intergalactic scale, for deep community exploration in technicolor madness…. Or in other words, start your weekend off the right way: with connection, community, deep breaths and good vibes.



SUNDAY: Integration Circle by Breath Connection

Ground and refresh your energy after a night of expansive journeying. Empower yourself to dive deeper into the cosmic vibrations, to make space for new interplanetary possibilities and infinite games. Join us to breathe your way into the next dimension with your community of fellow cosmonauts.

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