the Dog of Tears

is David Chaim Cohen . . . with which to also be known as: A.C. Lyon, D.C. Offset, Dr. Xex, et. al . . .


tDoT is rusted psytrance.  Not forest, not hitech, not dark. . . rusted.  Throw out your rule book and put on your cadmium inverted dance shoes.  Ruby red gelatinous pyramids slowly decay over the horizon line of a fertile mind.  With furrowed brows, the Dog beseeches thee, to commit oneself to the act of hearing with ones own ears.  Do not hesitate.  Do not question the oxidized amalgamation that is slowly taking over your obsolete chakra - siphoning  singularity of existence.  The merkava blades once relied upon have become dull and are no longer well understood.  It is now time to shed the reductive layers of metamorphosed skin and clay, and bear your Sixth Eye to the glorious occasion placed before thee.


David Chaim Cohen runs Xexify Records and Sealion Collective, which has been throwing underground psychedelic events in California since 2006.  He has also been involved in the organization of countless California Goa Gil events, and is a mastering engineer, doing work for Irori Music, Anomalistic Records, Oval Harmonique, and many others.  Having garnered a precocious understanding and appreciation of experimental and electronic music at a very young age, Cohen has produced various forms of synthesized music-stuff since 1998.  Other projects such as A.C. Lyon and D.C. Offset explore IDM and ambient atmospheres, respectively.  The tDoT project has released 3 official albums to date— Charsey Chicken Soup on Active Meditation Music, as well as dogspiral 1 and Dog Day Afternoon on Xexify Records.  tDoT also appears on many Goa Gil compilation CDs, including the recently released Postcard From Kali.

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