Long before Waldo was born, a young student found himself on a mountain, in a foreign land, surrounded by myriads of people lost in dance, encircling bonfires rising up into the starry sky. Mysterious drops came from a man in white and the young student was offered a newer, deeper understanding of the unifying power of dance. Those little drops and massive bonfires set off a spark - an unceasing pursuit to embody and manifest these experiences; to share and spread them as far and wide as possible.
Years went by, and the search continued, until Pi Day of
2015, a breakthrough was made. Misty mountain tops were replaced with back-alley Brooklyn warehouses, bonfires with blacklights, and for the first time since, that little spark stirred up. Although the set and setting were radically different, the comforting atmosphere was identical. Waldo was born in the recesses of a raging underground psychedelic gathering deep in the forests of Upstate New York and his mission was clear - Fire on the mountain! The flame from the stage must spread to the floor.
With a meticulous blend of Darkpsy, Hi-Tech, Experimental, and Psycore, Waldo has been trying to capture and recreate those magical moments and pass them on. Crafting adventurous soundscapes and intriguing narratives, losing oneself to the trance dance experience is the intention. It is only then, that Waldo can be found.

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